Overseas Partnerships

Water for Kid’s (WfK) key to success is working with our fellow professional Environmental Health Officers (EHOs). We are all committed to providing safe water, sanitation and hygiene education to reduce the spread of water-borne diseases.


The Zambian Institute of Environmental Health (ZIEH) has been managing WfK projects in Zambia since 2005. A past president expressed commitment to the partnership, he said “we see the importance of sharing the little resources we have with those in great need”. Edgar Mulwanda, ZIEH Secretary and Environmental Health Manager at Lusaka City Council, manages the WfK projects on behalf of ZIEH.

In 2012 WfK started its first project in the Western Province of Zambia with Kaira Gunda of Kaoma Environmental Restoration Initiative. He trained as an Environmental Health Technician and has many years experience of working on water and sanitation projects with NGOs in Zambia.


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