What we do

The problem

The second biggest killer of children is diarrhoea caused by dirty water and poor hygiene. These also contribute to poverty and poor education, stopping children going to school and adults working.

Fetching water is back breaking, time consuming and can be dangerous!

Our approach

Sustainability is key, so we involve the community and local health professionals from the start and ensure water committees have the skills to maintain the water sources we provide. We also train local hygiene promoters to work with families in their villages to understand the importance of using clean water and the impact of good hygiene.

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Our impact

In ten years we have provided clean water to over 200,000 people. We have also enabled over 1000 families to build their own latrines and tippy tap hand washing facilities.

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We work with communities, especially in Uganda and Zambia, to dig wells, protect water sources, build latrines and carry out hygiene education.

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Clean water and good hygiene change people’s lives. Read a poem written by Nyondo Cheyo, a teacher at Kamaila School

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