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The charity’s mission

Water for Kids aims to preserve and protect the good health of children and communities in the developing world by assisting in the provision of safe drinking water, good sanitation and other public health related measures.

How Water for Kids Began

Water for Kids was set up as a charity in 1996 after two Environmental Health Officers (EHOs) visited Peru as part of a scheme to help eradicate cholera. They were concerned that people in small and less formal settlements needed environmental health services in general and safe water in particular. They looked for a charity which was addressing these issues, but they could not find one. So they set up Water for Kids as a UK charity, rooted in environmental health.

The name ‘Water for Kids’ was chosen because it is a good description of what the charity does and if the kids have water, so do all the members of the community. The emphasis on kids also suggests an investment in the future.

Board of Trustees

Water for Kids has eight trustees and a part time administrator who keep the charity and its projects going. The Board of Trustees makes decisions on how the charity should operate, allocates funds and it charts the progress of projects to ensure that they are on course for completion within budget. It meets three times a year in addition to meeting with members at the AGM. We are a very hands-on Board of Trustees not only keeping things going in the UK, but also travelling overseas to keep an eye on the projects.


Peter Minhinnett – Chairman and Trustee

Peter first experienced Africa many years ago, when he worked in Zambia as a Public Health Inspector. His work included a WHO Smallpox Eradication programme and the protection of water supplies etc. He subsequently worked in the UK as an Environmental Health Practitioner (EHP). As President of the Chartered Institute of EH’s International Group Peter is committed to strengthening links between EHPs and other health professionals in the UK with their peers in the developing world. He has led on WfK’s Uganda projects for over ten years running a field trip every year. These trips have involved working with Ugandan colleagues and communities on water and sanitation projects, especially protecting spring water sources.


Sara Emanuel – Secretary and Trustee

I became involved in Water for Kids in 2005 as it was just the sort of charity I wanted to be part of. To my surprise, I accompanied Natasha on a trip to Zambia within weeks of becoming a trustee; then I was hooked. The two of us still jointly lead on projects in Zambia. As secretary, I work on admin, policy, and communications for Water for Kids, which includes maintaining the website.

I worked as an EHO for many years, mostly working to improve private sector housing in London. In 2006 I became a part time consultant working for Local Government Regulation, amongst others. Now the work has dried up, I have more time for Water for Kids and other pursuits.


Greg Warwick – Vice Chairman and Trustee

Greg currently works at Mendip District Council. He met the founding Trustees of Water for Kids whilst working at Bedford District Council where he qualified as an EHO. Having travelled extensively in the developing world, he decided to use his Environmental Health skills to assist the charity in its work overseas and has travelled abroad with the charity to Zambia and Peru.
As a long standing Trustee he has been the contact for projects in Peru, Rwanda and Kenya. He is currently working on a number of policies to assist in the future development of the Charity.


Jason Cox – Treasurer and Trustee

Jason’s working background is within the commercial technology sector; he has some financial training which is very useful in his current role. When he was younger he lived in Zambia for five years and South Africa for two years and so is very aware of the hardships that the people face everyday when living in remote areas.


Natasha FranklinNatasha Franklin – Trustee

Natasha was one of the founder members of the Charity. Natasha is one of two Trustees leading on the Zambia water projects. She first visited Africa in 1980 with the International Voluntary Service as a short-term volunteer. The awareness of public health issues developed at this time was one of the inspirations for her to become an Environmental Health Officer. She now works as a Principal EHO for Bury Metropolitan Borough Council.


Tom Jackson – Trustee

I have lived in the North east all of my life and had a building company for 27 years.
My first experience of Africa and development work came when I was 48 when I went to Tanzania to supervise the construction of hospitals and rural clinics on a family health project. I lived there for three years gaining a huge amount of experience working alongside local people and district officials.

After returning I became involved with Kenya Acorn Project on rainwater harvesting and sanitation. This is how I started to work alongside Water for Kids. I have been involved since 2009.
I regularly visit Uganda with Water for Kids and have been on a WfK trip Zambia. I am honoured to be part of and working with a great team of trustees.


Barbara LucasBarbara Lucas – Trustee

Barbara began her professional life as an EHO in a small regional authority and later worked for an inner London Borough. She then spent ten years as an independent consultant in both the statutory and voluntary sectors. Since 2002 she has worked in the private sector as a project manager, mainly on the English Housing Survey.

‘I have seen the effectiveness of Water for Kids at first hand in Uganda and the close links with local communities, and welcomed the opportunity to become a trustee and support the charity’.


Patrice PanellaPatrice Panella – Trustee

I became interested in Water for Kids following a conversation with Sara some years ago and in 2014 was delighted to be co-opted as a trustee. I was and am impressed with the large percentage of income that goes directly to our projects. I work in the IT department at the University of Sheffield so will bring some different skills to the team particularly in the use of social media to raise awareness of the great work that WfK does.

I have previously worked for a large charity in Namibia on an IT project but am looking forward to being involved in projects that have a more direct positive effect on people’s lives.


Emma hill-BrookesEmma Hill Brookes – Adminstrator

Emma has worked in the charity sector for over 18 years working for some of the UK’s leading charities, primarily fundraising and programme development and has worked both in India and Nepal. Emma’s experience culminated in setting up and running a charity in Australia which has become one of Australia’s leading charities. Emma’s role at Water for Kids is to help look after the day to day running of the charity and to develop the fundraising. If you would like to know more about how you can become a member or to fundraise for WfK please email Emma at